Why You Need Pet Insurance


Why You Need Pet Insurance


Our animals are part of the family, so if they get hurt or injured, it can take a huge emotional and financial toll. Although we can’t protect our furry friends from every eventuality, we can ensure that if they fall ill or have an injury, they’re well taken care of — by getting them adequately insured. Pet insurance can significantly reduce your pet healthcare costs and can also help to keep your animal healthy for longer.

Here are some reasons why every pet owner should insure their fur babies. 


What Is Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet insurance is a type of health insurance, just like what humans have. In the event of illness or injury, pet insurance covers an array of necessary and specialized medical procedures and medications that could save your pet’s life if disaster strikes.

Pet insurance covers procedures such as blood tests, x-rays, immunizations, and hospitalizations. It can also help to ensure that your pet stays healthy for longer, with regular veterinarian check-ups that can identify health issues before they become untreatable. Pet insurance policies are available for pets of any age, from puppies to senior dogs.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having pet insurance is that you can rest assured knowing that if your fur baby falls ill or has an injury, they will get the treatment they need, without a significant financial hit to your wallet.

Choose Your Pet Insurance Coverage

Similar to human healthcare plans, it’s possible to choose a pet insurance policy that is tailored to the needs of your pet and your budget. There are various policies on the market that provide different levels of health insurance coverage. For example, basic plans typically cover accidents and severe illness; however, you can also find more substantial coverage that also includes check-ups and vaccines.

Pet Insurance Premiums and Deductibles

Depending on the type of animal your pet is, the type of coverage you choose, and the deductible amount, you will pay a monthly premium to insure them in case of illness or injury. Typically cats are cheaper to insure than dogs; however, this can vary, so it’s essential to shop around.

Annual Maximum

Just like human health insurance coverage, the higher the amount your policy pays out, the higher your monthly premium will be. For example, if you choose a plan with a maximum payout of $3000, you will pay less than a plan with a $10,000 maximum payout. However, it’s important to note that if your pet requires emergency care or has a serious medical issue in which the costs amount to more than your maximum coverage, you will be on the hook for the remainder of the bill. For true peace of mind, it’s wise to opt for a plan with no annual limit.

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

According to the Associated Press, over 40% of pet owners are worried that they would not be able to afford the cost of their pet’s healthcare. In addition to this, pet care costs have risen by 73% for cats and 47% for dogs in the last decade alone. If you want to ensure the optimum health of your pet, while avoiding high veterinarian bills, it is advisable to take out health insurance for them. Not only will this benefit your pet, and it’s quality of life if they fall ill, but it can also be a huge relief for you when the bill comes. Pet insurance can provide you with the peace of mind you need should the unthinkable happen, so be sure to find a policy that meets yours and your furry friend’s needs. 

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