Top Five Financial Tips For Seniors


Top Five Financial Tips For Seniors


Your retirement should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment. Still, unfortunately, many retirees find that their retirement funds don't stretch quite as far as they used to. If you're looking to reduce your expenses, and increase your quality of life during your t, check out these five financial tips for seniors who want to save money.


Cheap Auto Insurance for Senior Drivers

Many seniors find that as they age, their auto insurance premiums become increasingly expensive and more challenging to manage on their retirement budget. Fortunately, some insurance companies offer a senior discount that can help you to lower your auto insurance costs. For example, according to NerdWallet, The Hartford, in partnership with the AARP, offers auto insurance tailored to drivers aged 50 and older. If you're a senior looking for auto insurance, it's important to shop around and compare quotes to ensure you get the cheapest deal possible.

Cheap Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Cell phones are a must-have in today's modern world. From keeping in touch with family to socializing with friends, everything is a lot easier with a cellphone. In fact, according to Aging In Place, 85% of seniors aged 65 and above have a cell.

If you're a senior whos looking for a cheap cell phone plan — you're in luck! The majority of cell phone providers offer discounts to seniors, with some plans being provided explicitly to over 55's only. For example, both Sprint's Unlimited 55+ plan and AT&T's Senior Nation Plan are designed to fit the cell phone needs of seniors.

When searching for the most affordable senior cell phone plan, be sure to shop around and compare prices. Starting your search online can help you understand the basics of the plans on offer and help you narrow down your search — before you leave the comfort of your home.

Senior Discount Clubs

Depending on your lifestyle and spending habits, you could benefit significantly from memberships with The Seniors Coalition, AARP, or The American Seniors Association (ASA).

It's essential to sit down and work out your needs and wants, as some memberships may not be as beneficial to your life as others, however, if you take the time to research and find the one that works for you, you could save yourself thousands of dollars a year.

Cheap Senior Cable TV and Internet Deals

You may have noticed that the cost of cable TV and monthly internet charges have increased substantially over the last decade. However, did you know that just like auto insurers and cell phone providers, many cable and internet providers also offer discounts for over 55's.

For example, Comcast offers a Seniors Program that includes cable and internet, no installation fees, and no long term contract for just $9.95 per month. This plan includes 15 Mbps of in-home wifi and incredibly helpful technology classes for seniors who want to get to grips with the latest technology. Similarly, Spectrum also offers a senior-friendly wifi plan called Spectrum Internet Assist. Spectrum Internet Assist costs $14.99 per month for 30 Mbps internet of high-speed internet — with no data cap!

As mentioned earlier, the best way to secure a cheap cable and internet deal is to shop around and compare quotes. Making a note of your internet and cable needs before you start your search can help you to

Release Your Home Equity

If you're finding that your retirement income isn't enough to help you keep up with your lifestyle needs, you may want to consider a reverse mortgage.

A reverse mortgage is a loan on your existing mortgage that enables you to have access to the equity in your home. This may benefit retirees because it can provide you with a much-needed cash boost — giving you extra money each month. You will also enjoy no monthly mortgage payments, which can help your retirement income stretch significantly further.

There are different types of reverse mortgage, however, the most popular option tends to be the federally-insured "Home Equity Conversion Mortgage" for homeowners over the age of 62.

Before you take the plunge, it's essential to research your options and find out whether your situation meets the requirements of a reverse mortgage.

Whether you're on a tight budget, or you'd like to make your retirement go further so that you can enjoy the little luxuries in life, there are plenty of ways to save money as a senior!,,,,

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