Is Antivirus Software Worth The Cost?


Is Antivirus Software Worth The Cost?


We use our computer devices for everything, from online shopping to banking and business needs, so they must be secure and safe to use. Computer viruses, also known as malware, are malicious programs that enter your computer in an attempt to steal your passwords and data or corrupt your files. Most computer viruses get access to your computer via emails and downloads or internet pop-ups, and once your computer is infected, you can have serious problems.

Unfortunately, computer viruses are very common, and conservative estimates state that there are currently over 27 million different malware programs trying to gain access to your computer. The best way to protect yourself from malicious computer viruses is to install antivirus software on your computer devices. But if you have the latest programming, or you don’t use your computer often, do you really need antivirus software? Yes, you do, and we’re going to explain why.


Antivirus Software Protects Your Computer

Antivirus software helps to keep your computer data and files safe from malicious hackers and online criminals trying to access your personal information. There are many different types of viruses such as malware, worms, and hijackers, but most have the same end goal — to infect your computer, access sensitive files and personal data, or damage your it.

Fortunately, there is antivirus software available that can help protect your computer from most of the major types of malware. They typically work by running searches on your computer regularly to find malware and programs, which may be problematic. There are even programs available that protect specifically from your viruses that you could be most at risk of.

Here are several types of antivirus software that can help protect your computer from malicious malware.

Standalone Antivirus Software

Standalone Antivirus Software is an antivirus software that runs in the background of your computer device and removes viruses and malware before they can cause damage or access sensitive data. You can also opt to manually scan your computer and remove viruses if you feel that it may be infected.

Cloud-Based Antivirus Software

Cloud-based antivirus programs are the newest form of antivirus software. Because it’s cloud-based, rather than working from your computer, it is regularly updated, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it up to date to combat new viruses. This can be beneficial as malware is continually evolving.

Security Software Suites

Security software suites are a form of all-encompassing antivirus software that includes both traditional antivirus programming that detects and removes malware, as well as additional levels of protection. Security software suites often include anti-spyware, protective firewalls, and parental controls that can protect your children from age-inappropriate content.

Affordable Antivirus Software

Protecting your computer from malicious malware doesn’t have to cost a small fortune — there are many affordable options available, and they are often customizable to ensure that your computing needs are met.

According to CostHelper, you should expect to pay between $30 to $50 for essential virus protection that covers you against the majority of viruses, offer firewall protection, and even protect you when you’re browsing the internet.

If you require a more robust antivirus software that has additional features such as added internet security, anti-spam filters, and file encryption, you should expect to pay a little more at between $40 and $80. There is also some antivirus software that’s available for free through companies such as AVG and Panda Cloud.

Your Computer Needs Antivirus Software

If you’re wondering whether you need antivirus software, the answer is almost always yes. As long as your computer or smart device is internet-enabled, it has the ability to be infected with malware.

Most malware and viruses are designed to attack Windows computers, making them the most at-risk. However, more viruses are also being created to target Apple’s macOS. In fact, even smartphones are at risk of being infected with malware — both Android and iOS platforms.

With masses of personal data and sensitive files on our computers, antivirus software has never been more critical. The first step to protecting yourself and your privacy is to download antivirus software onto all of your electronic devices. You can find the perfect protection for you by researching your options and choosing a program that fits your antivirus software needs — from the price to the extent of protection; there’s something out there for you.,

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