How To Get The Best Deals On Your Oil Change


How To Get The Best Deals On Your Oil Change


Every vehicle owner dreads the flash of the oil light on their dashboard; in fact, according to the Car Care Council, over 20% of vehicles on the road currently have low or dirty engine oil. But, as annoying as the oil light is, it’s actually one of the most crucial maintenance tasks you can do for your car. To keep your car running optimally, you should have your oil changed approximately every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Not only will this increase the longevity of your vehicle’s engine, but it will also get you get increased mileage for your buck — and help you achieve top dollar when the time comes to sell. Although a relatively cheap and easy task, getting your oil changed could save you a lot of expense and headache in the long term.

Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore that little red light— and how you can find a cheap oil change. 


Why Do You Need To Have An Oil Change?

Engine Oil lubricates and acts as a coolant:

Oil is integral to the smooth running of your car —it lubricates your vehicle’s engine and absorbs heat, ensuring that the internal parts can work effectively, without overheating. Without oil, your engine parts cannot work together smoothly, and as a result of this friction, can end up permanently damaged due to the excessive heat.

Engine Oil keeps the engine clear of sludge and removes wear particles:

Dirt from wear and tear of the engine can seriously hamper it’s performance. If not cleaned regularly, dirt can cause the engine to corrode and decrease it’s useful life considerably. Routine oil changes can help to remove dirt particles and sludge created by driving, and ensure your engine stays in tiptop condition.

Engine Oil Can Improve Gas Consumption:

Lack of clean oil can cause your engine to work much harder than it’s designed to. This can lead to increased fuel consumption, and more money lost on gas. In fact, oil changes are so crucial to the optimal performance of your engine, that the U.S. Department of Energy states vehicles that receive routine oil changes achieve improved gas mileage of up to 2%. Put into perspective, on the average car, this equates to around a gallon of gas saved a year!

Prevents premature breakdown:

Ensuring your vehicle has a steady supply of clean oil can go a long way in avoiding motor problems later down the road. Ignoring the oil light on your dashboard can be a costly mistake, so it’s crucial to have your oil changed promptly. Your owner’s manual should provide you with all the information you need to maintain your vehicle effectively, and how often you need to have your oil changed. Alternatively, you could save yourself the trouble — and the mess — by leaving your oil change up to the professionals. Having your vehicle serviced regularly will ensure that your oil is changed when it needs to be, and it’s other components

are also maintained to a working standard.

Finding A Good Deal On Oil Changes

If your vehicle needs an oil change service, don’t worry — it’s possible to find cheap oil change deals from reputable businesses if you know where to look! There are lots of ways you can save money by researching oil change deals online and asking friends and family around your local area.

Online coupons often provide significant discounts on standard vehicle services such as oil changes — especially if you’re a new customer. In fact, you’ll often find the best oil change deals online from reliable garages, saving you money and time!

Be sure to keep an eye out for businesses that offer a loyalty reward program for regular customers. This can help you save money on essential car services by enabling you to accumulate points that can be used to redeem services and further discounts.

Change Your Car Oil Now

Although it can feel like an annoyance, having the oil in your car changed is integral to its performance and longevity. Investing in regular maintenance could save you thousands of dollars in the long-run, whether from a breakdown, or increased profits when you come to sell. Find a local garage online easy and quickly by searching online for coupons and new customer deals.


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