Benefits of Registering Your Dog As A Service Dog


Benefits of Registering Your Dog As A Service Dog


According to, approximately 500,000 service dogs are helping their owners live an easier and more fulfilling life. From companionship, to help with day to life, service dogs are an invaluable help for many people with physical limitations and mental health issues. Unfortunately, service dogs are often misunderstood, and many people aren’t aware of the benefits that a registered canine friend can provide.

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding relationships that a person can experience. Not only is it humbling, and can teach you to be selfless, but it can also help you to heal difficult emotional issues, and support those struggling with mental health issues. In fact, the benefits of animal therapy are well documented, especially in senior living facilities, where service dogs regularly help residents with their mental and physical wellbeing. Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks that ease the day to day burdens of their handlers and significantly improve their lives.

If you’ve heard about the physical and emotional benefits of having a service dog, but aren’t sure how to register your canine, keep reading to find out more information. 


Provide Documentation to Support Your Animal’s Special Status

Acquiring status as a service dog can gain your furry friend access to locations they may have previously been denied. For instance, many restaurants, stores, and even apartment complexes refuse access to dogs. However, with documentation to prove that your dog is a registered service animal, you can gain access to many of these places without a fuss. If an establishment questions or denies your dog the right to enter, you can opt to file a complaint against them.

Reduce Housing Discrimination

Many rental apartments and landlords refuse leases to tenants with dogs. Fortunately, with service dog documentation, it’s much easier to secure a stable living space with your canine. This is because both you and your registered service dog are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Fair Housing Act.

Helping Your Pet Stay Focused

Service dogs require strict and loving training to ensure that they can meet the needs of their handlers. This is especially true of service dogs who have specific duties they must carry out. Although dogs are extremely intelligent creatures, they can sometimes become distracted by other people, due to their sociable and lovable nature.

When you apply for your dog to register as a service dog, you will receive an identifiable vest and an ID — to ensure that members of the public know they’re working and shouldn’t be disturbed. This can help ensure that your service dog isn’t removed from its focus on helping you.

Another added bonus of your service dog having a vest and visible ID is that in the case of an emergency, rescue personnel will be able to identify your dog and reunite you much more quickly.

Support for Veterans

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should register your dog with the USA Service Dog Registry, it may help to know that by doing so, you will be supporting our veterans. Part of the proceeds earned from registering your dog with the USA Service Dog Registry goes to support Paws for Veterans. Paws for Veterans have a mission to pair service members who may be experiencing emotional and physical issues, with service dogs that can help assist with their therapy and recovery.

These are many reasons why registering your dog as a service dog could help make your life — and your furry friends — easier. Registration is easy and straightforward, yet, the benefits are substantial, and could change your life.,,,,

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